In 2014, 595,569 US F-1 Visas Were Issued

15 Sep 2015

Immigration News

As per the recent available data provided by US dept of state, it stated that, in the year 2014, nearing to 595,569 F1 visas were issued and 173062 of them were refused as of 14th September 2015.

As per the international student, eponymously named, a website created to serve as a resource for students belonging to a foreign origin across the globe. F-1 visa is issued to students belonging to foreign origin who wish to pursue studies or training programs in English language at a university or a accredited US college. This is intended for non immigrants who are eligible to remain in US upto to 60 days past culmination of an academic programs, the less they have been applied and have been approved to stay as well as work for a specified period of time under the  program of OPT (optional practical Training).

Few of the key finding include

The number of foreign students on F1 visas in US colleges as well as universities has grown dramatically from 110,000 in 2001 to 524,000 in 2012. The study found that, the number of foreign students is allowed to enter US declined in drastic fashion following the attack of terrorists and during the recession, approvals for F-1 visa has averaged about 360,000 from 2001 to 2012, fluctuating figure lowest in 2001 was about 123,000 too high, 550,000  in 2012.

The fastest rate of growth of students belonging to foreign origin has come from North Africa and Middle East  with a 1283% increase, in 2001, 5500 students have arrived but  in 2012 the number increased to 75,000.

Top nations, foreign students arriving on a F-1 visa from the year 2008 to 2012 does consist of China (25%), India (15%), South Korea (10%), Saudi Arabia (5%), and lastly Canada (4%) with other nations accounting about 41% of the allotment of visa.

The top hundred schools has accounted for 46% of F-1 students who have pursued minimum bachelor degree.

The F-1 visa approvals are hugely focused on few metropolitan areas wherein the high concentration of universities and colleges exist. Most nation’s have more than 350 metropolitan areas which are registered approval of  minimum single F-1 visa  during the period between 2008 to 2012.

During the period from 2008 to period 2012, we find foreign students who arrived on F-1 visas for pursuing BMD degree have paid nearing to $35 billion tuition as well as living expenses in 118 high metropolitan areas.

Another finding is foreign students disproportionately do lean towards business filed as well as STEM while choosing their study field.  The percentage of students  having  F-1 Visa pursuing a STEM fields are usually dominated by Indian students.

City in India, Hyderabad has sent the largest number of STEM students (20,800) to US and have ranked 4th of its students who pursue a STEM degree, during the year 2008 to 2012 period.

Nearing to 45% of students belonging to foreign origin graduates do extend visas in order to work in similar metropolitan areas as their university or college.

As per Brookings, the findings have suggested that students belonging to foreign origin can offer economic benefits to a metropolitan destination in the US.

The State Dept has also disclosed that,  huge portion of visa issuance has gone to foreign nationals belonging to Asian origin and then followed closely by foreign nationals belonging to North America.

Duolingo, CEO of language learning at university, Carnegie Mellon, professor of Computer science has said to the US news that, there is high unemployment, but there are not many having STEM advanced degrees. 

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