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finding jobs in Denmark
« on: March 15, 2016, 05:26:42 PM »

i plan to apply for a Danish green card.I am a post graduate Mechanical Engineer with 4 years 11 months experience in Energy/Oil/Gas Sector as piping engineer in India .I am eligible for Denmark,canada and Australia.Since the highest point is on Denmark,my consultant asked me to go for Denmark.But i have been doing a lot of research on job opportunities in Denmark and i find many forums/sites replying that it is difficult to find a job in our field.I have found some research material saying that the skilled laboures under green card do work which is unskilled like waiters cleaners etc.And also i could find people narrating their experiences regarding this.And many suggest the scheme is not helping migrants.They will end up in jobs that doesnot require their experience and qualification.Also Denmark is very expensive.

Is it really like that as mentioned.?
Then why still the green card plan is active?
Danish language is tough and it requires time to master Danish and employers prefer  Danish speaking people is it true?

Can anyone guide me what to be done in my case ???

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Jobs in Denmark
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2016, 05:14:54 PM »
Every country have requirement of specific profiles and that is the reason they come up with occupation list and people who are falling under the criteria will be eligible to apply for the same. Immigration does not randomly put in these occupations, after an intense survey they come up with such occupations, and this means they have openings in that particular profession/occupation. People will get their visa based on their documentation but to get a job they have to prove themselves by meeting the skills required by the employer, and if they possess the skills then they will never complain about the situation. Many people say there are no jobs in India, I don’t believe that, we have ample of opportunities and people with the right skills will get that…

As you said why is Danish govt. still accepting applications under green card scheme, and the answer is they still have requirement for skilled professionals in their country…
Danish language is a option, how many people speak Hindi in their organizations?, they are supposed to speak Hindi right!!! Because, it’s our national language, but no!!! the same is with Danish Language, it is recommended to know the language to survive locally but does not play major role in securing a job.

Forget about all this illusions and if you are confident about your skills go ahead thinking of your bright career…
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