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My name is Imtiyaz, i have completed my b-tech and have 6 years of  experience, I scored 6.5  in IELTS and wife is also a graduate.

My Doubts:

my cousin brother and sister are citizens of Canada, can they sponsor me?

what is ECA

how much my wife should score in IELTS?

Please let me know the procedure to calculate my score to qualify in Canada Express entry


Dear Imtiaz,

You can apply for the responisve Canada Express System by creating the following, when it comes to prospects, your experience will fetch you some good score. Your wife is qualified, if your wife secures good IELT score that even fetches you more points. The comprehensive ranking system of Canada Express Entry Scheme calculates your age, skills, adaptability, work experience, english language skills.

Let me go little deep into the Comprehensive Ranking System...

If you have valid job offer gives you 600 points supported by the LMIA license( your employer must seek on behalf of you). Getting LMIA is not that easy, suggested to promote yourself in the Canada Job bank.

To know more about the Express Entry contact Opulentus : 1800 103 1555

Below is the Age factor in Express Entry Point Based System
Age (maximum 110 points)
Express Entry Age Points Grid (no spouse):
Under 18 years of age - 0 points
   18 years old - 99 points
   19 years old - 105 points
   20 to 29 years old - 110 points
   30 years old - 105 points
   31 years old - 99 points
   32 years old - 94 points
   33 years old - 88 points
   34 years old - 83 points
   35 years old - 77 points
   36 years old - 72 points
   37 years old - 66 points
   38 years old - 61 points
   39 years old - 55 points
   40 years old - 50 points
   41 years old - 39 points
   42 years old - 28 points
   43 years old - 17 points
   44 years old - 6 points
   45+ years of age - 0 points


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