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Requirements For Hong Kong Work Permit Visa

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May I know Requirements For Hong Kong Work Permit Visa.

Requirements For Hong Kong Work Permit Visa

No criminal records
Hold good educational back ground
Genuine employment vacancy at working company
To obtain Hong Kong Work visa applicants should possess a secured and confirmed job offer and the job that matches applicants academic qualifications or work experience, which cant be filled up be native employees
The payment package counting medical, accommodation, income and further fringe advantages in line with the current market values in Hong Kong.

 What are the limits on use of a foreign domestic helper (FDH)?

If you wish to make use of a foreign domestic helper (FDH), kindly take a little to go over this brochure in order to know your key tasks under labour legislation and the Standard Employment Contract (the SEC). It also offers a few useful tips that can assist you keep up in agreement labour relations with your FDH and serve as a law-abiding and smart employer.

This brochure highlights the main constitutional and contractual provisions which company have to be aware of. Still, it must be noted that the appropriate Ordinances and the SEC should stay the sole authority for the provisions explained.

Requiremetns of HKSAR passport?


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