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How to apply Ireland Medical Treatment Visa?

What are necessary documents required?

For many days it is valid?

   Passport with minimum validity of 6 months after the intended date of departure
   A detailed letter from hospital in country of permanent residence outlining health condition, treatment etc
   A detailed letter from the PRIVATE hospital in Ireland outlining date of appointment, duration of treatment etc
   Proof of sufficient funds to bear the medical expenses and the stay
   Travel insurance

Can I take a chance to find employment visa with Medical Treatment Visa? am I permitted to do this?

The Following Conditions Applies:

   If you are having a medical treatment plan or medical conference in Australia
   If you are going to contribute an organ to somebody
   If you are coming with a patient or organ donor who is applying for this visa
   If you are going to accept an organ from an important person who travels to Australia with you
   If you are coming to Australia as a tolerant under the engagements between the Western Province of Papua New Guinea and the Queensland Department of Health.

Where Can I Find Medical or Emergency Information?


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