British Columbia’s popular Immigration programs

British Columbia famous for the mining and national resources is the third largest province of Canada. This region mainly depends on natural resources for international trade. British Columbia accommodates a vast number of employees through mining, forestry and fishing. B.C. is the home for the one of the largest cities in Canada. This province acts as a gateway to Asian countries; major transport through shipping takes place from this area.

The resource-rich province British Columbia invites foreign nationals to settle in the province through a permanent residency program. This province takes part in the great Canada Express Entry Scheme and recently introduced a new SIRS system to attract the most qualified talent from the global talent.

There are several reasons for opening up doors for legal migration to Canada by the provinces. Canadian provinces face the risk of low birth rate, an aging population and lack of skilled professionals. Apparently, it is clear that regions cannot run their economy without the skilled migration.

The Canadian provinces have their provincial programs. Similarly, British Columbia has the same, it takes part in the provincial program of Express Entry scheme and the recent introduction SIRS and many other provincial programs online.

British Columbia Immigration programs:

•    Skills Immigration (Express Entry Scheme)

•    Business Immigration

Skills Immigration:

The provincial skills immigration this program extracts the talent through the Express Entry Scheme. The permanent residency is granted to the applicants under following categories.

Skilled Workers: Under this class, candidates must have a valid job offer from the British Columbia employer. The skilled workers with more than five years of experience will add more points, and there are criteria’s that also play a crucial role.

Health care professionals:  All the medical professionals such as, nurses, physicians and supporting staff in the health industry must have a valid job offer to apply for this category. 

International Graduates with British Columbia Education:  This is an exceptional category; international students who graduated or post-graduated in British Columbia can apply for this visa. International graduates will have the advantage; they don’t need any valid job offer.

International Graduates with Education in other provinces:  This category demands the job offer from the Canadian employer in British Columbia. Even after possessing the graduation or post graduation degrees from the Canadian Universities.

Semi-Skilled Workers:   The workers with valid experience in hospitality, food processing, and other service industries can apply for this category of visa.

Northeast Pilot Project Category:  The north east development region of British Columbia welcomes skilled and unskilled workers to work in this area.

All the above category job seekers must apply for express entry scheme and set their priority as British Columbia province.

Business Immigration to British Columbia

The successful business professionals willing to invest and settle permanently in British Columbia can apply for this visa. There are various streams under which potential entrepreneurs are invited for permanent residency.

For Entrepreneurs— this category attracts the new business owners to invest in British Columbia. This province encourages the successful entrepreneurs with new business plans.  

Regional Entrepreneur- Potential entrepreneurs who can invest in the regions other than the developed cities such as Vancouver and Abbotsford are eligible to apply for a visa under this category.

Strategic Projects Category - the multinational companies can start their operations in British Columbia create opportunities for the locals. Its key staff are granted permanent residency in British Columbia.

Regional Business Succession Option:  The successful entrepreneurs who can acquire the existing business visas under this category can apply for this visa. The primary condition being the acquiring businesses must be outside the metro Politian zones Vancouver and Abbotsford.

Immigration to Canada is easy with the various visa programs offered by the provinces and federal government. The provincial programs are announced to boost the growth of the economy. To apply for the comprehensive visa processing, the advice of the expert visa consultant is necessary who can guide you throughout the process.

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