How Can I Immigrate To Canada As a Self Employed Worker

The business immigration program was organized by the Canadian government to offer an opportunity to self-employed workers who would like to reside as a permanent resident in Canada. Such prospective immigrant must be a creator of employment. Applicants are expected to have their craftsmanship in either cultural activities or athletics and must have partaken in any world-class athletic or artistic event. If you wish to apply for the business immigration program and you were able to check these three crafts, then you are one step away from getting to the stage of screening exercise. One final option for applicants who can manage a farm and a significant amount of experience to back up this claim. Let us briefly outline the federal skilled occupation list under the activities mentioned above:

  •     For cultural activity, applicants can possess skills such as; choreographer, director, dancer, make-up artist.
  •     For athletic activity, applicants can possess skills such as; coaches, and athletes.
  •     For farm management, crop production, and livestock farming.

Applicants should be aware that these skills are not about just developing yourself.

For prospective immigrant considering to apply through cultural activity, they must have attained a certain level of professionalism in their skills.

Athletes or coach should have a considerable amount of experience and must have participated in world-class events.

A farm manager must be able to operate latest farm machines, handle pest attacks on crops, and must be updated with the most recent trend in livestock management.

Method Of Qualification As A Self-Employed Worker

As a prospective self-employed worker, you are required to pass through series of test where you must score a minimum of 35 points out of 100 points. The analysis is outlined below in a brief format:

  •  Relevant Experiences (35 points)
  •  Education                    (25 points)
  •  Official Language        (24 points)
  •  Age                              (10 points)
  • Adaptability                    (6  points)
  • Total                             (100 points)

Getting 35 points sometimes does not guaranty you a slot in the business immigration program. Points are just figures which don’t guarantee how well you will contribute to the Canadian economy. You should write a short note in your cover letter, asking to be considered as a self-employed worker and that you are willing to use your experience as a skilled individual to impact positively to the economy of Canada. Without this letter of consideration, the visa officer might not readily consider you even with the 35 point score.

The more factors you bring to the table, the better your chances of making the list of the successful self-employed worker. One primary consideration is your financial status.

Financial Status

One essential factor that can help you check the box of the Canadian government is your fiscal stance. Though it might not be thrown at you directly, an astute individual would decipher that a sound financial asset will put atop among your contemporaries.

If you have a substantial financial asset, please do tender documents which show you're financially buoyant as a self-employed worker. Reports such as tax return, bank statements, investment statement and so on should surface.


This write-up has discussed salient point on how to stay ahead as you pursue your business immigration program. It is of importance to know that having a useful skill and an excellent financial support system will earn you a comfortable spot as a prospective self-employed worker in Canada.


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