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Canada Work Permit Visa is a temporary visa that allows foreign nationals to live and work in Canada. It is not a points based assessment category, and the foreign national does not have to meet any points threshold in order to qualify.


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Obtaining a Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa to Canada is a two step process

  • The employer has to obtain a letter of confirmation from HRSDC
  • The employee must apply for Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa to Canada consulate

The basic requirement is to have an employment offer from a Canadian employer, who should demonstrate that they are unable to find suitable Canadians/permanent residents to fill the jobs and that the entry of these workers will not have a negative impact on the Canadian labour market. The employer has to obtain a letter of confirmation (LOM) from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) unless exempted. Exemptions exist that allow the applicant to apply directly to CIC for Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa without having to obtain letter of confirmation.

Additionally, applicants will also require temporary resident visa to stay in Canada at an overseas Canadian visa office. Work visa holders will be allowed to come and work in Canada for the sponsored employer in the specified role for a period between 6 months to 2 years. They can bring their dependents along with them. Accompanying partners and children may also be eligible to work and study

The work visa will not open a way for permanent stay in Canada instead the applicant has to qualify under an immigration category, such as the skilled worker. Live-in caregivers can stay in Canada permanently if they meet certain requirements.

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Applying from outside Canada

To be eligible to obtain a Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa a foreign national must have a job offer from the Canadian employer. Foreign workers must generally obtain a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from Service Canada, unless the work category is exempt from the LMO process. The Labour Market Opinion confirms that the Canadian employer is authorized to employ a foreign worker.

Additionally the following requirements should also be met:

  • The applicants should demonstrate that they intend to leave Canada at the end of the employment period.
  • The applicants should demonstrate that they have enough financial funds to support themselves well as their dependents
  • The applicants should not have any criminal records
  • The applicants have to prove that they are not a risk to the security of Canada
  • The applicants should meet the health requirements.
  • The applicants should be in a position to submit any additional documents required.

Applying from inside Canada

To apply for a Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa from within Canada, the applicant needs to:

  • Have a valid study or Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa, or their spouse or parents have a study or Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa
  • Have a Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa for one job but are applying for a Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa for a different job
  • Have a temporary resident permit that is valid for six months or more or
  • Prove his/her residence status in Canada because of an application for permanent residence filed from inside Canada. To be eligible to apply for a Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa, the main application should have passed certain stages

In addition to the above, the applicant should have an offer from a Canadian employer and obtain a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO), unless exempt. The applicants should also prove their financial capability to support themselves and their family, meet health requirements and criminal checks.

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Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa Exemptions

Some temporary jobs in Canada do not need Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa but require a temporary resident visa. Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa is not required for the following categories:

  • Business visitors
  • Foreign representatives
  • Staff and Family members of Foreign Representatives
  • Military personnel
  • Foreign government officers
  • Students working on Campus
  • Performing artists
  • Foreign teams, athletes and coaches
  • Foreign news reporter
  • Public speakers
  • Organizers
  • Clergy
  • Health-care students
  • Foreign members of crews

Apart from the above, the foreign nationals who are Emergency service providers, Expert witnesses or investigators, Examiners and evaluators, Judges and referees, Convention organizers, Athletes and coaches are permitted to work in Canada without holding a Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa.

To know about the extension of work visa, contact us!

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Benefits of the Visa

The features of this visa are it allows the applicants as well as their immediate family members to enter Canada and work there temporarily. This is not a points-based category and the applicant does not have to satisfy the eligibility criteria to work in Canada.

The foreign worker is eligible for the following benefits provided by employment insurance as Canadian permanent residents

  • Regular benefits
  • Sickness benefits
  • Maternity benefits
  • Parental benefits
  • Compassionate care benefits

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Dependents are permitted to accompany the applicant as long as they apply along with the applicant or else they have to lodge a separate application .Dependents include spouse, common law partner, and children. Dependents are allowed to work in Canada provided they apply and hold a valid Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa

Applicants from a country whose nationals need a Temporary Resident Visa, or TRV, usually known as a visitor visa, would also be required to apply for a visa application.

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Special Conditions

Certain categories of professionals may not require a Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visa and have their own eligibility requirements and, or they may have Canada Work Permit, Canada Work Visas approved in a shorter time.

The industry sectors to which a special criteria is applied to hire a foreign worker include

  • Information Technology
  • Live-in-caregivers
  • Business People
  • Academics
  • Seasonal Agriculture
  • Film and Entertainment
  • Pilot Project for Occupations Requiring Lower Levels of Formal Training

Contact us and know more about the eligibility requirements and conditions of these categories!

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Visa Fee

Type of Application

Processing Time (Paper Application)

Processing Time (Online Application)


Visa Fee


Work Permit

(new employer)


53 days


10 days


155 CAD

Work Permit

(same employer)


60 days



10 days


155 CAD

Disclaimer: Visa fees are subjected to change without prior notice

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Opulentus Services

Opulentus offers advice and guidance for best possible documentation. We assist and guide you at each step till you get your visa.

  • Expert advice on complete process stage wise
  • Visa documentation*
  • Provide you the document checklist stage-wise and assisting you with the requisites and the alternatives upon receiving the signed service agreement copy
  • Provide documents samples and assist you with inputs wherever necessary
  • Corresponding with the department, on your behalf, if required
  • Post landing, traveling and settling assistance

*Documentation service differs from country to country. Please refer your Service Agreement for further details.

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Price List, Fee Schedule & Refund Policy

Our service fee is Competitive & among the best you will find in the industry. At any given time, our state-of-the-art Processing Centre is processing over 5000 active cases from across the world. Our processes are standard & Process Consultants are the best in the world.

Our Prices are standard across all our offices. We guarantee that other than company offers & promotions, you will not be quoted a higher price & eventually pay a lower price. Prices are determined by the company & are fixed for all clients, offices & cases. You know you are paying the right price – the same as all our 10000+ clients around the world.

Please refer to our Price List & Fee Schedule

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Please Note

We are not a placement agency, we are Overseas Career Consultants. We do not provide/guarantee/assure jobs, we do not arrange for any direct employment through employers. We use technology, resources and our internal expertise to market your resume to overseas employers on your behalf.


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