Latest British Columbia Draw Issues Invitations To 345 Workers And Graduates

23 Oct 2017


In the recently held draws for Provincial Nominee Programs of British Columbia, of October 11th and 18th, 345 international graduates and workers were invited to submit their applications. Some of the candidates were selected under the BC PNP Tech Pilot scheme.
The categories in it are managed under the Skills Immigration Register System. In order to apply for it, candidates must have an account, in which their score which is based and recorded depending on their human capital and economic qualifications. Candidates who score well are invited to submit their applications when the province holds a draw later. These Categories make it compulsory for all the candidates to have a job offer from an employer located in British Columbia.
In the 345 candidates invited presently some had figured through an Express Entry Aligned Subcategory. It has the feature that the persons, who have been invited to apply, can send also the application for an enhanced British Columbia PNP Nomination Certificate. They can receive it. Success in provincial nomination awards 600 additional points, to the applicants in CRS, at a later draw and they receive an ITA.
An ITA under the BC PNP is dissimilar from the ITA, which is issued in the federal Express Entry level.
These Skilled workers and graduates, who have been invited, in the various categories, will have their applications for PR, processed outside Express Entry when they get a nomination from BC.
All individuals interested in applying for Canadian immigration, in specific categories, must file an entry through the SIRS pool. Subsequently, the candidates are given a score based on their education level, civil status, work experience gained, and other factors. Skilled Workers, International Graduates, and Entry Level Semi-Skilled Workers figure in this list.
Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker
The Express Entry Skilled Worker category aims to benefit such workers who possess a post-secondary education or training /employment experience, in a setup, in the professional, technical or management spheres, or is related to a trade/skilled jobs. Candidates must possess the eligibility to enter the federal Express Entry pool. A successful candidate is eligible to receive 600 CRS points and can also get an ITA later at the federal level.
Express Entry BC – International Graduate
International graduates who completed their graduation during the previous two years, from a university /college, located in Canada, are eligible to send their application in the category of Express Entry International Graduates. This is accessible to all eligible graduates who have graduated studying in a university/college from any location in Canada. It is aligned with the federal Express Entry system.
Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker
This category can be accessed by all workers who have post-secondary education /training, besides gaining experience of a skilled job. A job offer is mandatory in this case.
Skills Immigration – International Graduate
This category has been designed for international students who have graduated from a university/college located in Canada during the previous two years. The applicants do not require any prior work experience, but they must compulsorily get a job offer from an employer of the province.
Skills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled
This category has been designed for candidates who do not qualify for any other Canadian program. It provides a great opportunity to non-skilled workers to file their PR application.  They need to work in an eligible occupation in tourism/hospitality, or trucking/food processing industry. Certain workers in an NOC skill level C/D occupation in the Northeast Development Region are also eligible for it.
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