Canada Fast-Tracks Entry Process For Internationally Trained Doctors Engineers

08 May 2015

Immigration News

Good news for all the engineers and doctors who would like to work in Canada. The employment minister of Canada, Mr. Pierre Poilievre, announced that the government funds to accelerate the time between entry and licensing of foreign skilled doctors and engineers.

The medical council of Canada and engineers Canada are developing new programs with funding from the federal government that helps internationally skilled doctors and engineers to get their qualifications recognized.

Pierre Poilievre has announced in the previous week that the Canadian government matches Engineers Canada’s funding of $778,000 for the improvement of Online Competency Assessment System, an online tool that standardizes work experience requirements in order to become a certified engineer throughout Canada.

The latest assessment system allows over 5,000 engineers who enter to Canada yearly to abide by work experience requirements via what they have done overseas.

Apparently, this program helps both employers as well as applicants to ensure they have the right work experience and become licensed.

Besides the promulgation of federal funding for Engineers, the minister also declared that the Canadian medical council would get $6.7 million to develop an online tool that simplifies the exam process for prospective physicians from more than 80 nations.

The funding provided by the federal government allows Engineers Canada to direct the designing of the online system, establish a national committee to direct its development, as well as to help the 12 territorial and provincial engineering authoritarian bodies during project execution.

The licenses to practice engineering will be granted only by the territorial and provincial organizations and at present, each one has its own set of prerequisites. The new Online Competency Assessment System eases the process of licensing by regulating the requirements.

Presumably, almost 500 regulatory bodies in Canada and in a single occupation there may be numerous regulators with diverse policies, occupational standards, by-laws, scopes of practice as well as minimum requirements.

Engineers Canada’s Competency-Based Assessment Project has been designed as a national standard to calculate applicants’ work experience in order to decide whether they abide by the engineer-licensing requirements.

In the new system, candidates demonstrate that they have attained specific competencies via professional experience during the work experience evaluation. New system does not require Canadian work experience to get a license.

In order to get through the assessment applicants needs to demonstrate seven capabilities such as methods and techniques, applying engineering knowledge, technology or equipment, using engineering tools, managing engineering activities, protecting the public interest, working cooperatively in the Canadian atmosphere, communicating engineering information and enhancing and maintaining engineering skills as well as knowledge.

Applicants should submit 21 written documents—three for each competency, in order to show mastery of these seven core competencies. After that, a team of two skilled engineer evaluators assesses each document using structured process, considering other factors as well.

The Medical Council of Canada develops its own online tool that facilitates and minimizes the exam process for internationally skilled or trained doctors.

The delivery of qualifying exam allows overseas medical graduates to better evaluate their likelihood of practicing as a physician in the Maple Leaf nation ahead of immigration.

Around 7,000 medical practitioners came to Canada yearly. The federal government expects that the execution of online exam shortens the process of licensing by four to six months, and also results in $6 million in annual savings.

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