In 2018 Canada Invited More Than 92,000 Immigrants Through Express Entry

05 Jul 2019

Canada Immigration

Canada admitted higher than 92,000 latest permanent residents by its Federal Express Entry system in the last year 2018 an increase of 41% over the year before, the most recent federal government report reveals.

The findings are included in Refugees, Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s 2018 year-end report for the Federal Express Entry system, which was published 2 July 2019.

The rise in admissions is in line with Canada’s increasing admissions goals for the 3 Federal High Skilled immigration programs in economic-class maintained by the Canadian Express Entry system — the Federal Skilled Trades Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class, and Canadian Experience Class — as well as a part of Canadian Provincial Nominee Program (P.N.P.).

The Canadian government and its several territories and provinces have immigration streams that are utilized to choose candidates from the pool of Express Entry and provide these applicants with the possibility to apply for Canadian PR.

Admissions target of Canada for the 3 programs run by the Express Entry system increased in 2018 and is slated to proceed to grow every year through 2021.

Canada has also developed its target admissions for the PNP, which increased to 55,000 in 2018 and is programmed to grow every year through 2021.

Invitations through Express Entry

Express Entry controls the pool of applicants for the Federal Skilled Trades Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class, and Canadian Experience Class.

Qualified candidates for every program are accessed into the Express Entry pool where they are given a rank based on a score granted under Comprehensive Ranking System shortly known as CRS.

The CRS  grants points for parameters that include education, age, skilled work experience, and ability in English or French, which are both the formal Canadian languages, as well as other factors.

The candidates who secure the best ranks have issued an invitation to apply for Canadian PR through periodic draws from the pool, which usually take place every couple of weeks.

The year-end report reveals that approximately 280,000 Express Entry profiles were presented in 2018, of which 70% were eligible for minimum one of the 3 Federal High Skilled programs.

Federal Skilled Worker Class applicants obtained 53% of ITAs announced in the year 2018, or 47,523 out of total 89,800 ITAs.

Canadian Experience Class applicants obtained the second-highest number of ITAs in the year 2018 with 30,571 while remaining 904 ITAs went to applicants in the Federal Skilled Trades Class.

Of those who obtained invitations in the year 2018, 71% did not claim any extra points and, of those who did, only 5% had an employment offer in Canada.

Invitations through Provincial Nominee Program

A sum of 10,802 Express Entry applicants with a nomination from the province received an ITA in the year 2018, up from the previous 8,733 in the previous year. It amounted to 12% of all ITAs announced in the entire year of 2018, which was consonant with the proportion of Federal Express Entry applicants who had a nomination from the province in 2017.

Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia all noticed progress in this category, with Ontario undergoing a year-over-year rise of 3,082 which was the biggest of any other Canadian province.

I.R.C.C also saw that Ontario, which is home to larger cities such as Ottawa and Toronto, was the target province for 64% of all applicants who applied for Canada PR through Federal Express Entry in 2018.

Highest Number of Invitations Received by Indian Citizens

Indian Citizens controlled Federal Express Entry invitations in 2018, receiving 46% of all ITAs announced that is 41,675.

Chinese Citizens were a far second, with 6,248 ITAs, followed by Nigerian citizens who earned 6,025 ITAs last year.

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