India Tops Among The Ten Source Countries For Canada Express Entry

13 May 2015

Immigration News

Nearing to half of the skilled immigrants who got qualified and obtained a chance for permanent residency within the 1st three weeks of the launch of new immigration system  were not applying from abroad as they were already in Canada as  per the CBC news.

The maple leaf country has launched a new system which is known as Express entry on 1st January.  This system enables to choose the best as well as the brightest of the foreign national to the fill vacancies, which were not filled by Canadian workers available.

As per the report obtained by the immigration lawyer Richland Kurland by an Access information Act request, it reveals there were 775 candidates who have made it to the top of the express entry pool during the first draw. The new data also lists the country of residence as well as citizenship.

As per the reports released on January 22nd, prepared by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, said that, nearing to 346 or 45 percent of the top 775 candidates in the pool resided in Canada.

The report also said that, 13% were living in India followed by 4.5% in UAE. Only a smaller percentage of people resided in other countries.

The report also had noted that the data were intended for internal CIC use only and it has not yet been released to public as per the email of an immigration official dated on Jan 22nd.  The cautionary note was also underlined. .

The govt has offered permanent residency to nearing to 779 skilled workers during the first draw which was held on 31st January.

As per the written statement issued on February 2nd by Chris Alexander, immigration Minister the express entry has already got impressive results in the first month itself. Alexander also said, the fact that everyone who was invited to apply for permanent residence in this round of invitations already have a valid job offer or provincial nomination, which shows that Express Entry is helping to fill the Canada’s existing labour market gaps

Kurland said” the overwhelming majority would be expected to be temporary foreign workers” the new point system help reward people who are already working in Canada.

Under the Express entry system, the skilled immigrants who receive a permanent job offer backed by positive labour market impact assessment are among the first to receive an offer to apply for permanent residency.

The new report which, was made public by Access to information Act show that India, Philippines and Pakistan were top three source nations for prospective skilled immigrants under the express entry.

 As per the CIC, China was notably absent from the top.   In 2013, it was the top source country for the PR in Canada.

The newly released data have also ranked China as sixth, much behind Ireland and Nigeria, but slightly ahead of Iran.

The ten source countries for 775 highest ranking candidates

1.      India                :           29.4% or 228 candidates

2.      Philippines       :           15.7% or 122 candidates

3.      Pakistan           :           5.9 % or 46 candidates

4.      Ireland             :           4.3% or 34 candidates

5.      Nigeria             :           3.7% or 29 candidates

6.      China               :           3.7% or 29 candidates

7.      Iran                  :           2.7% or 21 candidates

8.      UK                   :           2.4% or 19 candidates

9.      Egypt               :           2.3% or 18 candidates

10.    South Korea    :           1.8 % or 14 candidates

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