Montreal Has A Strong Job Growth Among Top Cities In The US And Canada

22 Jun 2018


A strong background

Montreal is experiencing exceptional Job growth as per the details of a new report. It shows that Montreal, the second largest city of Canada gets the top rank among the 20 largest metropolitan areas located in Canada and the US.

Christian Bernard, Chief Economist at Montreal International, said that Greater Montreal area created 74,900 jobs in 2017. This corresponds to a growth rate of 3.6%. This is the highest growth rate in Montreal for twenty years. It was rapid in many high-technology sectors, like Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, Visual Effects, Aerospace, Computer Sciences, Life Sciences, and the Cloud Industry.  The Conference Board of Canada and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provided the figures for publishing the report.

A Great Reputation

Montreal has a great reputation and was having positive results owing to a fine talent pool, group of eleven universities, and a great cost advantage. Moreover the economic fundamentals of the city are strong. Actually the seeds of this success were planted 15 years ago when major decision makers in the public and private sectors collaborated to identify specific industries to take up the path to growth. Those perceptive decisions are now inducing substantial growth. Riverside, California, also had a growth rate of 3 percent, but Montreal was ahead of San Francisco, New York City, and Toronto.

The living costs of Montreal are affordable and advantageous for its residents, as well as for business. Wages are lower in comparison to most US and Canadian cities. Moreover the property and rent prices are cheap. The transport links are better and workers end up with more disposable income. Furthermore, the utility costs are lower, in comparison to other Canadian cities, and this is advantageous, for employers and residents. The exchange rate between dollars is strong and is successful to attract investment.

Montreal has Advantages

The Mile End neighborhood in Montreal is trendy and has some of the fastest-growing technology companies. Montreal also has a huge advantage, as it is the largest city in Quebec, which is a province with an independent mind. Additionally Canada is also open to immigration and keen to bring talented workers from various regions of the world. This in fact serves as a boon to various cities, at a time when obtaining the right to work in US cities is becoming difficult for workers. Montreal also contributes to the success in Canada and thus it is a great period to reside and work in Montreal.

Rank City Jobs Thousands 2016 Jobs Thousands 2017 in Growth
Montreal 2,071.0 2,145.9 3.61%
Riverside 1,401.9 1,451.6 3.55%
Phonenix 1,979.2 2,034.1 2.77%
Dallas 3,503.0 3,596.7 2.67%
Seattle 1,950.3 2,000.6 2.58%
Toronto 3,215.0 3,289.6 2.32%
Atlanta 2,663.9 2,723.7 2.24%
San Francisco 2,344.3 2,396.4 2.22%
Tampa 1,295.0 1,321.2 2.02%
San Diego 1,424.6 1,453.2 2.01%
Miami 2,586.1 2,629.4 1.67%
Minneapolis 1,957.2 1,988.8 1.61%
washington, D.C 3,223.2 3,274.1 1.58%
New York City 9,525.1 9,672.2 1.54%
Detroit 1,974.2 2,004.3 1.52%
Philadelphia 2,868.4 2,910.1 1.45%
Los Angeles 5,969.8 6,052.2 1.38%
Boston 2,704.4 2,736.8 1.20%
Houston 2,992.3 3,021.3 0.97%


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