November 2017 Updates On Peramanent Employer Sponsorship In Australia

24 Nov 2017


The Immigration Department had announced the changes in the RSMS and ENS Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa requirements, previously, and the date on which they will apply is March 2018.
Additional details have provided regarding the provisions of grandfathering applicable to present 457 holders, intending to apply for RSMS and ENS.
Changes to the postcodes in RSMS and the Perth Metropolitan area presently stands left out from the RSMS program.
Changes to Apply from March 2018
The list of the significant changes applicable from March 2018 is as under:
Occupations List
To apply for an Employer Nomination Scheme visa from March 2018, Applicants need to have a job that is, listed in the shorter Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List. Additional occupations will also be in the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, but the nature of these professions has not clarified. If a job is not going to register in the MLTSSL, you are not eligible to get a PR through RSMS and ENS program, from March 2018 onwards.
All Applicants for RSMS and ENS program must have an age below 45 years while applying starting from March 2018. At present, 457 visa holders who can utilize for the Temporary Residence Transition Stream can be below 50 years while using.
Minimum Salary
Starting with March 2018, all candidates should have a base salary corresponding to the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold which at present is $53,900 to be successful in the qualifying process. Presently there is no minimum salary related for RSMS and ENS visas.
Work on 457 Visas - TRTS Requirement
Presently 457 holders who put in work for the last two years, for their employers, in a position, are eligible for RSMS and ENS using the Temporary Residence Transition Stream. This Stream has a rationalized pathway not needing similar requirements in skills assessment, English language abilities, age, and health, to the Direct Entry Stream. Starting from March 2018, instead of the present two-year requirement, three-year work experience will be considered on a 457 visa.
Training Levy
A levy on training will be applied to all RSMS and ENS applications. Its quantum depends on the turnover of the business which is sponsoring it. For the small business holders it will be $3,000, and for the company (with a turnover of $10 million) it will be $5,000.
Grandfathering Provisions for 457 Holders/Applicants
The Immigration Department has made an announcement that 457 visa holders and aspirants who applied as of 18 April 2017 are not required to follow these new norms.The grandfathered 457 visa holders enjoy admission to transitional provisions and eligibility for RSMS and ENS will be preserved through the Temporary Residence Transition Stream will be protected.
Eligibility norms for the transitional provisions require a candidate to have:
Holding a 457 visa on 18th April 2017; or
Having a 457 visa application pending as of 18th April 2017, and granting of it subsequently Grandfathered applicants do not need to meet new requirements while applying for RSMS and ENS visas in the Temporary Residence Transition Stream from March 2018, and:
The applicants can still apply if their job is not registered on the MLTSSL
The persons can employ if they are below 50 years,
Work Experience on 457 Visas:
They can meet norms on qualifying when they work for their employer in their job for two years, Applicants in this category are required to follow the minimum salary norms and have to pay the training levy from March 2018.
RSMS Postcodes
New legislation was released specifying the postcodes for RSMS, and for the Regional Certifying Bodies. There is an exclusion of Perth Metropolitan Area from this program. Even now, the candidates can apply, if the position is in a postcode, which listed in the legislation. It comes into effect on 17th  November 2017. In the light of the significant changes proposed if a candidate is presently eligible it is wise to apply before the said changes come into effect.
All the interested persons can contact us, and we will guide then professionally to meet their goals.

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