Quebec Immigration: Announces Major Reforms And Two New Pilot Programs

30 May 2020

Quebec Immigration: Announces Major Reforms and Two New Pilot Programs

Following consultations from the public, the government of Quebec announced on 28 May 2020 long-awaited reformations to its Quebec Experience Program. Quebec will also commence two new immigration pilot programs.

Quebec anticipates that reforms to the Quebec Experience (P.E.Q) Program will come into force by its regulations in the immigration “in the following weeks.”

Started in 2010, the P.E.Q is a successful stream that grants a fast-track to Canada PR for temporary immigrant workers and global students who have lived in Quebec.

Four Intentions for P.E.Q Reforms

In the latest announcement, Simon-Jolin Barrette, Quebec’s immigration minister outlined four important intentions behind the P.E.Q reformations:

  1. More excellent integration into the labor market
  2. More performance in the process of selection to reach the province’s labor market requirements
  3. French-language ability to promote the integration of economy and social
  4. Great program integrity

More Work Experience is Now Mandatory for both Workers and Students

Quebec Province is now launching more work experience conditions below the P.E.Q to better support integration into its labor market and society.

Temporary immigrant workers (T.F.Ws) will now require to obtain a minimum of 36 months of full-time relevant work experience in the previous 48 months before they apply for Canada PR.

Students will now need either 12 months or 24 months of work experience in Quebec in order to be suitable for the P.E.Q. However, global students that presented their P.E.Q application prior to the latest regulations take force will have their applications below the rules that are in place at the time of their application submission.

Below the latest rules, students who receive a university degree in the Quebec province will need 12 months of work experience in Quebec in the professions that come within National Occupational (NOC) Classification codes 0, A, & B.

Students that receive a Quebec’s diploma of professional studies need 24 months of work experience in Quebec in the professions that come within National Occupational (NOC) Classification codes 0, A, B, and C.

French Language Skill for Spouses

Below the latest reforms, Quebec says that spouses of primary applicants below the P.E.Q will require to prove spoken understanding of French language. It is to assure that they can integrate into the province. This condition will come into force one year after the reformation comes into effect.

Processing Times

The P.E.Q has had standard processing of 20 days, however, Quebec province is now pledging to process applications in a maximum of 6 months tenure. The purpose of this is Quebec province wants to assure it is treating the P.E.Q and Quebec Skilled Worker (QSWP) Program applicants equally.

Two New Immigration Pilot Programs for Nurses and Tech Workers

Quebec province will also be coming out with the two latest immigration pilot programs for nurses and tech workers.

Nurses are in high demand everywhere in the province. As per the government of Quebec, modern programs are not achieving labor market requirements. Hardly 115 nurse’s aides have obtained PR selection from the Quebec province since 2013. The brand-new program will strive to get in 550 nurses per each year.

The government of Quebec also stated that information technology and artificial intelligence sectors are flourishing in Quebec. The latest immigration pilot will permit the province to choose 550 high skilled workers yearly for immigration. The execution of this pilot is intended to bring and retain specific talent in these areas, and provide to Quebec’s leadership and competitiveness in the international tech picture.

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