Quebec Plans Issuing Of Invitations Under A New EOI Immigration System

20 Jun 2019

Quebec EOI system

With the passing of Bill 9, Quebec has scrapped the backlog of existing applications belonging to the Quebec Skilled Worker. Additionally, it will start issuing Invitations through the Quebec Expression of Interest system in the future. 

The profile details

115,000 profiles were registered in the ‘Arrima’ system after it started in Sep 2018. The immigration ministry of Quebec stated that the department will use a fresh system, which will invite, on a priority basis, requests for permanent selection to the candidates who meet the requirements of Québec.

The minister invited the persons who filed a declaration of interest and met the conditions as per the law, for submitting these requests for permanent selection.

The candidates who submitted the applications in the old format prior to Aug 2, 2018 and live temporarily in Quebec; at the time of applying or when the Bill 9 was passed will get priority In the Initial invitations rounds. The candidates also have to create a profile in the Arrima portal.  This measure is a result of the bill amendment of Coalition Avenir Quebec before its adoption. It will affect 3,700 applications and also 5,500 persons.

The basic details of working

Quebec EOI works in the same way as the Canada Express Entry. The candidates complete a profile in the Expression of Interest pool. The highest scoring candidates are selected from the pool and get an invitation to apply and obtain the Quebec Selection Certificate.

The immigration ministry of Quebec says that it is possible to modify the invitation criteria as per the needs of the province. The people who can integrate quickly will get a priority.

Way of Working in the Quebec Expression of Interest

  1. Submitting the online EOI profile to the MIDI.
  2. Profiles will enter into an Expression of Interest pool, where they get a ranked that is valid for twelve months.3.  All Profiles are classified in two categories for candidates who live in Quebec or possess a job offer and also meet the precise criteria. The second category is the candidates who live in outside areas but meet the precise criteria.
  3. The top ranking candidates receive an ITA for a Quebec Certificate of Selection under the Provincial Skilled Worker Program.
  4. Quebec conducts draws periodically and also invites candidates to apply for the CSQ.
  5. Candidates get 90 days to submit a complete application after receiving the invitation.
  6. Approved CSQ candidates can apply for permanent residence in Canada.

The scores

Also, after the candidates submit QSW applications, they get a score in the point’s grid depending on work experience, education, age, ability in languages, experience in Quebec and their job offer.

Critics also point out that the existing grid does not fit the purpose. Also, MIDI will have consultations in the future to decide about any changes.

Employer Portal

Meanwhile, Quebec plans to develop a new portal for the employers. It will allow them to view profiles and also communicate with applicants who submit the Arrima profile. It will be launched in February 2020 and also allow employers to give a job offer directly using the system. This will help in the acceleration of the arrival process for the candidate.

Applicants under Old System to be reimbursed

Quebec will reimburse the application fees $1,000 to the 16,000 candidates who submitted their applications in the old format. There will be a communication regarding the procedure to obtain the refund soon.


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