Requirements For Canada To Become A Superpower In Technology Industry

07 Feb 2018


The present century is dominated by the digital revolution and nations which succeed in becoming a powerhouse in technology will acquire a position to control and dominate the international economy. Canada has been gifted with unique advantages which help it greatly in making it a preferred destination to harness technological talents.

There are no anti-immigrant feelings which are widespread in the UK, the USA, and other countries. This offers a huge positive point for the country. There is no rhetoric against immigrants, protectionism, or a general uncertainty regarding immigration rules which is found in other countries. This trait has helped Canada to move ahead of the United Kingdom to become the second-most popular immigrant destination in the world.

The skilled immigrants from India and China have begun seeking alternate options, which will directly help Canada in building a strong and skilled pool of technological professionals.

Before this, Canada needs to tackle some issues and remove a few obstacles to make it easy for skilled technical workers to work and settle permanently in Canada.

A Credential Recognition Process which is Fast

The norm for several skilled workers like Engineers, Doctors, And Dentists, to move to Canada and become eligible for working is to have their credentials recognized by an appropriate regulatory agency in Canada, or by the professional association concerned. This applies to both, the new and the experienced members of such professions. Any delay to grant these credentials leads to an uneasy situation where potential immigrants who are eligible to settle permanently in Canada find it unworkable to pursue any work.

The delays of this nature, contradict the commitment by Ottawa, to speed up the processing of immigration applications, belonging to technology workers who use the Global Talent Stream. The pilot program pursued recently which offers two-week processing to applicants who belong to eligible tech-related professions was a massive success.

The fact that Canada needs 220,000 Tech Workers during the next three years, its government should make the two-year pilot as a permanent program, and also expand the list of qualified occupations in the advanced environment, medical, and manufacturing categories. Besides, it must hasten the process of granting credentials to overseas professionals.

These skilled immigrants should get their credentials meant for Canada prior to their reaching Canada. This will permit them to start working legally straight away after they arrive in the country.

Increasing Participation of Women in STEM

The recent and available data for 2015 reveals that women were less than 40 percent of university graduates with an age from 24 to 34 years in the courses of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

60 percent of these women belonged to science and technology courses, signifying that engineering formed a small part of the female university graduates. This represents the fact that, women could be a great untapped source, for technological talent.

The government has announced its intention to fund $50 million for promoting computing coding in the youth. Now it needs to focus on helping groups like Girls Who Code and Canada Learning Code, which help many young Canadians, in tackling anxiety, concerning mathematics, and gender stereotyping, which is common among young women.

Funding Support

There must be a few measures to nurture domestic talent, and also to attract overseas technological talent, in creating well-funded research programs. In the last decade, there was a fall of 35% in funding scientific research. The freeze on granting funding to four scientific agencies must be discontinued and sufficient grants must be provided to researchers.

Presently, the strategy calls for an increase in funding of 37 percent towards scientific research in a four-year period. This requires an additional outlay of $1.3 billion, which is not huge when the economic advantages and status associated with pioneering technological discoveries are considered.

With the several advantages given to immigrants and no backlash against immigrants, Canada can be transformed into a technology superpower, and reap the harvest of foreign and domestic tech talent.

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