Saskatchewan Set To Attract Immigrants In 200 In-Demand Professions

26 Sep 2019


Saskatchewan has decided regarding opening Occupation In-Demand and Express Entry sub-categories in immigration to those candidates who have work experience in 200 top skilled occupations. Also this is a major development for the immigrant nominee program of the province. Both the sub-categories do not require a job offer or work experience in Canada to be favorably considered to get provincial nomination seeking permanent residence in Saskatchewan.

Canada immigration and the new approach

The SINP replaced the list of eligible occupations, last week, instead with a list of excluded occupations. After the change the number of eligible top demand occupations increased to 218 from 19 and opened the door to Expressions of Interest from several candidates having work experience in top skills who were excluded previously.

Additionally, the Professions now eligible are in the managerial and professional domains skilled and technical trades, and also represent many industries/sectors, like the IT. There is a presence of these:

  • Database Analysts and Data Administrators;
  • Information Systems Analysts;
  • Computer Network Technicians;
  • Software Engineers and Designers;
  • Information Systems Testing Technicians;
  • Computer Programmers
  • Interactive Media Developers;
  • Web Designers and Developers

Positive employment demand

Anne McRorie, Executive Director, SINP, said that this move from an In-Demand Occupation List serves as a huge change for the applicants that will offer a better response to provincial labor requirements. Also this approach will help in attracting skilled workers possessing the necessary skills.

218 occupations are at present eligible and also have a positive job demand. There is an Occupational Outlook of the Government of Saskatchewan, providing labor market information for 437 occupations.

Moreover, the move to the Excluded Occupation List can free the Program from regular revision of the list of top demand professions.

As an alternative to constantly changing top demand list, there will be an exclusion list, covering occupations that the province will not invite to apply. The eligible, occupations will get the invitations as per the Occupational Outlook all through the year.

A fair policy

The listing of excluded occupations would avoid any confusion. The way to, at present, see the list of eligible occupations, on website of SINP, demands filling up the Expression of Interest, online. The candidates must complete among the fields a drop-down list that contains the qualified occupations. Additionally, the candidates whose occupation is listed can submit the EOI in the pool of candidates for Occupation In-Demand or Express Entry sub-categories.

Selection of Candidates

The EOI score and the occupation of a candidate are the major factors to determine the receiver of the invitation to apply for Saskatchewan nomination. Also SINP has held several - invitation rounds that were specific to an occupation this year and this will continue in conformity with the Occupational Outlook of the province. The program staff observes for openings in net job. All people in the pool get positive employment subject to demand and also present an opportunity for invitation.

Furthermore, six among 19 EOI rounds of SINP targeted candidates having a specific work experience this year.

The rates of Approval play a role in the numbers that the SINP invites to applicants seeking the provincial nomination in every occupation. This is a measure of the labor demand. Any shift in approval rates, creates a new response to new labor market.


The latest innovative move to have the Excluded Occupation List shows the approach of SINP to select candidates through its sub-categories. In July 2018 there was a shift to an EOI system based on points to manage the candidate’s pool for the sub-categories. The policy of Saskatchewan is impressive as it is willing to try a new approach to invite candidates. This makes Provincial Nominee Programs exciting and attractive for immigration to Canada.


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