Skilled Migrants Benefit Australia - Government Report

18 Apr 2018


India is a big source of migrants to Australia, as per the data of the federal government. It's migrants whether skilled or family, generate billions for the Australian economy.

The government in Australia has published a new report titled ‘Shaping a nation: population growth and immigration over time’, which says that skilled migrants add to the wealth of Australia. Furthermore, they do not live on welfare nor do they steal jobs from local workers.

The benefit to the GDP

Moreover, it also mentions the IMF estimates which show that the migration program of Australia will make an addition of one percent in the yearly GDP growth. These figures are for the period 2020 to 2050. The reason behind it is that it reduces the impact of aging citizens.

This report has come at a time when the debate about Immigration intake is a hot topic in Australia. Additionally, it says that migrants have made a major contribution to the total Gross Domestic Product and per person GDP of Australia.

Some Facts For Migrants in Australia

The migrants in skill stream category presently form 70% of migrant intake in the country and contribute to per person GDP in many ways. They counterbalance the aging population, and also improve the productivity and participation of the labor force.  Moreover, they are an asset to the businesses. They also provide a short notice, skills which are not easy to develop.

New Regional Occupation List to Migrate Australia

RSMS 187 visa is a permanent residence visa for the use of skilled workers who wish to do active work in the regional areas.

Firstly, the report discloses that the rate of unemployment in migrants, possessing skills is low. Secondly, these skilled migrants contribute to the nation in a big way in comparison to receiving benefits and services.

Scope of impact

The migrants of Skill stream also contribute to fiscal revenue as they pay their taxes in comparison to receiving benefits and services.

Furthermore, the migrants of the family stream create a major impact in their lifetime, when they reach the country early in their professional life.

Additionally, with the diversity of the migrants, Australian businesses can contribute more towards innovation. Through this, they can face the technological change and global competition.

Statistics regarding Indians

In 2016-17, 20% of migrants were Indians. Indians received 38,854 visas in 2016-17 and were at the top of the list of skilled migrants and seekers of family visas.

Presently, Indian residents are 3% - 4% of the population in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth, and 2% in Adelaide and Brisbane.

In October 2016, authorities show that out of an income of $53.4 billion generated by immigrants paying taxes, payers from Indian origin had a share of $7.9 billion in 2011-12.

A sum of $49 billion, corresponding to 91 percent of it was contributed by skilled migrant employees.  Migrants from India own a record of making a good contribution to Australia.

Traits of the people

By tradition, Indians receive a good education and know the English language well. This trait is a valuable addition to the economic sphere. Additionally, they focus on business and pursue their career aggressively. They stay ahead in their domain. They are not only professional in the IT sector, but also have an excellent record in science and health spheres. Moreover, they are fine entrepreneurs also.


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