Top 10 In-Demand Jobs In Canada Favoring The Skilled Workers

27 Sep 2019

Top 10 In-Demand Jobs in Canada

Canada has an urgent need of skilled overseas workers at all skill levels for filling up the present labor gap. It also aims to welcome a million newcomers in the next two years. The interested persons can apply by using various immigration programs, and receive the invitation seek permanent residence in the country.

Need for care in Canada immigration

The Canadian system of immigration is extremely complex and there are nearly 70 ways to enter Canada, and meet the strict regulations and deadlines for form completion and its eventual submission.

The applications of many candidates are denied owing to incorrect filling of forms or incomplete applications because of some missing documents. The process of application relies on the knowledge of National Occupational Classification code as it helps to gain the information on the category of skilled work. This in turn helps in determining the programs a person can qualify for. The NOC code has to be verified with supporting documents.

Starting the Journey a person must know the Job Skill Level that can be skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled.

The requirements in Canada immigration

The requirements of High Skilled Jobs are the university or college education, or an Apprenticeship Training. The jobs one can do belong to education, legal and social domain, community services, government services and managerial positions.

The Semi/Low Skilled Jobs usually require occupation-specific training or secondary school or jobs needing on-the-job training. The preferred areas are trade, sales, service, and transport.

The Unskilled Jobs cover natural resources, production sectors, agriculture, manufacturing and utilities.

The Top 10 popular demand Jobs in Canada

There are plentiful job opportunities for semi or low skilled workers in Canada, which critically needs filling up by capable immigrant workers. The list of top ten in-demand jobs, in Canada is:

We present the Average Annual Salary for Skilled Occupations that have a Current demand.

The nature of Canada jobs

The Long-Haul Truck Driver in NOC 7511 gets $48,384, whereas the Front Desk Manager in Hotel in NOC 0632 obtains $41,096. Apart from that Executive housekeepers in NOC 6312 earn $28,889 and the Industrial Butchers/Meat Cutters covered under NOC 6331 get $33,287 Food and Beverage Servers belonging to NOC 6513 have the earnings of       $23,400, and General Farm workers of NOC 8431 get $23,264. It is $33,150 for the Livestock Workers in NOC 8252 and$39,546 for Welders as per NOC 7237 and Pipefitters in NOC 7252 it is $63,980. Finally, the Industrial Electrician in NOC 7242 gets $76,050.

Immigration as Semi/low Skilled Worker

The Provincial Nominee Programs provide the best way in immigration to Canada as semi-skilled workers. 11 of the 13 provinces/territories manage their own PNP, and each has a set of in-demand occupations and criteria, to target and meet the specific needs of the labor market. If a job falls on the occupation list of a particular province/territory you are likely to get the Invitation to apply seeking permanent residence.

By receiving provincial nomination the candidates obtain 600 extra points in their Comprehensive Ranking System score, which serves as a guarantee to get the ITA.

The top provinces that manage the streams and categories specifically to help semi or low skilled workers to migrate to Canada are Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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