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South Africa visit visas are specifically intended as a temporary immigration service. Under taking any kind of employment with Visit visa is strictly prohibited.

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  • South African Tourist visa, offers the holder of the permit to travel to the country for short- term visits.
  • A Tourist Visa indicates that your application to visit South Africa has been reviewed at a South African embassy, and this visa will allow you to travel to a South African port of entry where an immigration official will determine whether you are allowed to enter the country and your length of stay.
  • Visitor’s permit does not exceed a period of three months. But, upon application it can be renewed for a further period of three months. The holder of such visitor's permit may be authorized to conduct work.
  • In most cases a South Africa visit visa provides the standard route for those wishing to enter the country for a short period for the purpose of tourism, business activities (though employment is not permitted) visiting family, or to undergo education or training up to a maximum period of three months.

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In South Africa, visas for tourists are actually available in two categories.

The standard short-term visit visa is granted for a period of three months, however this can be extended on one occasion by a further three months depending on the purpose of the extension and provided that an applicant applying for a South Africa visitor visa extension possesses a valid return air ticket.

Candidates wishing to apply for a South African visit visa will need to provide the following:

  • A valid passport with a minimum of six months remaining.
  • Passport sized photographs.
  • Evidence that they can support themselves financially throughout the time in the country
  • In addition, applicants must be considered to be of sound mind and have no criminal record.

The second South African visitor permit is known as the "extended visitor permit" and is designed primarily for those who wish to conduct research, study in South Africa, or pursue voluntary or charity work in the country.

This South African visa is valid for a period of up to three years and requires candidates to provide a range of supporting documents including divorce papers if applicable, a clean bill of health having undergone a medical examination and evidence of enough money to support their stay in South Africa.

In addition, like a standard visit visa for South Africa, applicants must not have a criminal record. It is important to note that this South African visa neither constitutes nor encompasses a work permit application and that those wishing to work will need to apply for a work permit separately.

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Transit visas

Those entering the country en route to another final destination may apply for a South African transit visa, which grants its holder entry to the international transit zone of the airport, but not to the national territory.

Visas of this kind may be valid for up to 72 hours and will require candidates to be in possession of return or onward tickets.

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Visa Fee

There is no visa  fee for Indians. For other nationals it is 2560 INR

Disclaimer: Visa fees are subjected to change without prior notice.

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Spouse and dependent immigration

In South Africa, immigration through this particular visa class is specifically intended as a temporary solution for migration to South Africa.

Applicants will be expected to return home at the end of their stay and as a result, Spouse immigration and dependent immigration are not expressly provided for. All candidates applying for South African visitor permits must qualify in their own right.

To know about the visa fee or other information, contact us!

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