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Any student, who wants to learn more and place special focus on his major subject after completing his master's degree program, can look for the higher degree, PhD, a Doctorate in Philosophy degree in USA.


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Any student, who wants to learn more and place special focus on his major subject after completing his master's degree programme, can look for the higher degree, PhD, a Doctorate in Philosophy degree in USA. Before applying for PhD programme, students have to complete a master's degree programme. However, this is not compulsory in all cases, as many competent students get the opportunity to get PhD admission after bachelor's degree with exceptional coursework records. The University or the Heads of the University departments can decide the PhD admission in these special cases. The duration of US doctoral degree varies from minimum period of three years to a maximum of six years.

The duration of PhD degree course depends on field the students choose, ability of the students and complexity of the research work. Doctorate degree in the US universities is awarded after submitting a research thesis as result of a significant hard work of the scholar on the respective subject. Pursuing an advanced degree, PhD degree in the USA, enhances the career opportunities of students. A PhD degree holder in the US is recognized as a subject expert and hence, it is a prestigious degree. Those who are interested in teaching in the US universities and higher-level schools and high-status institutes, acquire Doctoral degree. After acquiring the doctoral degree, the respective university will confer on the scholar an honorary doctorate degree and the scholar can have the title of 'Doctor'.

The USA, like always remains the top priority for PhD Students to pursue their research work and it’s not hard to see why. One of the major reasons which make US an attraction for students is because of the number of Universities which offer Ph.D. There are about 1700 Universities which offer PhD in the US with a wide range of choice and flexibility to the students. Another reason is the quality of these institutions which is a great pull.

The US comes on top time and again, no matter what ranking system you use, and the US is home to 75% of the top 20 institutions in the world.

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Requirements of PhD


Since US has many modern facilities, world class universities and good professors, most of the students prefer to pursue their research work from the US. The following are the general requirements that need to be kept in mind, while applying to the US Universities for PhD Programmes.

While the application procedure to apply for a PhD programme in the US is the same as that of a master’s programme, it still is a little tedious to get through the University of your Choice. The process also includes having a professor recommend the student’s profile. Here, it has to be kept in mind that the student’s area of interest should be in line with the professor’s field of research. Here it has to be kept in mind that candidates for a PhD are considered only if the department is willing to fund them. The student should highlight their strong areas, and then align them with those of the University.

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Price List, Fee Schedule & Refund Policy

Opulentus Service fee is Competitive & among the best you will find in the industry. At any given time, our state-of-the-art Processing Centre is processing over 5000 active cases from across the world. Our processes are standard & Process Consultants are the best in the world.

Our Prices are standard across all our offices. We guarantee that other than company offers & promotions, you will not be quoted a higher price & eventually pay a lower price. Prices are determined by the company & set for all clients, all offices & all cases. You know you are paying the right price – the same as all our 10000+ clients around the world.

Please refer to our Price List & Fee Schedule

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After your visa: Opulentus Post Landing Services

  • Airport Pick up – you will be picked up from the airport and dropped at the hotel / house
  • Temporary Accommodation Assistance – this will be a hotel you can stay in as soon as you arrive. We will fix one according to your budget
  • Permanent Accommodation Assistance – this is for those who have decided on a place and want a house to stay in. It is however better to first land in the city and get a job before you find permanent accommodation. This ensures you stay close to the College
  • Relocation Assistance – A kit containing details you will require to settle in your new country


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