Features Of Australian Skill Select - June 2018

19 Jun 2018


The invitation rounds of previous Skill Select program were different in comparison to the present year 2017-18. In the past year lower number of invitations was issued by the Government, even as the points score necessary to get an invitation increased. As a result the undecided Skill Select applications were more. 2017-2018 is also coming to an end and the Skilled Migration program remains unfulfilled for the second consecutive year.

Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visas and Family Sponsored 489 Visas

The pass mark is constant at 60 points, but the applicants aiming to get the invitation to apply for the Skilled Independent subclass 189 visa should have a minimum score of 75 points. This has actually increased from 70 points recently. This is applicable to all non-pro rata occupations also which means that all jobs that were available at 60 points, presently need 75 points. This is applicable to Managements consultants, Registered Nurses, trade occupations and other non-pro rata occupations in the Medium to Long Term Skilled Occupation List.

Family Sponsored Subclass 489 Visas

Similarly, applicants in Family Sponsored subclass 489 must score 80 points before they are eligible for getting an invitation. The necessary points are high, but the invitations are slow. Normally, up to 5 invitations are issued in each round.

Pro Rata Occupations

We present the summary of points necessary for pro rata occupations as per occupational category:

For Accountants: Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers: 80

In case of ICT Business and System Analysts: Software and Applications Programmers:  Electronics Engineers:  Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers:  Other Engineering Professionals: Computer Network Professionals: 75

For the Accountants and Auditors the occupation ceiling was increased in 2017-18, but the aspirants who score 80 points are successful to get invitations. There is a possibility that the same will continue in the program year 2018-19 also.

Presently there are 2768 vacant places before 1 July 2018, and the waiting time from the date of submitting an Expression of Interest, to the date of getting an invitation, has increased. The accountants will now have to wait for more than 21 weeks and auditors for more than 18 weeks in case they score 80.

IT Professionals

Presently, IT professionals can obtain invitations when they score 75 points though, waiting times vary:

  • Computer Network Professionals 75 points: 8 weeks
  • Engineers and Software, Applications Programmers: about 12 weeks
  • ICT Business and System Analysts: more than 17 weeks

The points necessary for popular occupations are likely to remain high in the next financial year too.

Engineers and Other Engineering Professionals scoring 75 points have to wait for 11 weeks, and Electronics Engineer, Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers have to wait for more than 4 weeks. As per the present data there can be a decrease in the points score to get invitations.

Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa

Getting an invitation is still possible for the Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa by scoring 60 points. There are options for the candidates who struggle to meet the point score of 75.  The nominated occupation must be on the occupation list of the selected State and they must also meet the additional criteria prescribed by the State.

Many States/Regions are closing and will not re-open till the commencement of the new program year, on 1st July 2018. The candidates must be ready when the States re-open because some of them have closed in the past in the first weeks of every new program year.

Current trends

ACT: 190 nominations got the approval but, invitations from the ACT have slowed down and will re-open after 1 July 2018. Moreover there is no 489 visa for ACT.

NSW: 489 Regional NSW has increased the requirements and as a result there will be few invitations issued compared to 190 NSW.

In a few regions there is no further approval of applications until July 2018. They will take up receiving applications for filling the vacancies in the next program year. Additionally 190 NSW has filled up the quota for the 2017-18 program year.  For the entire year it required high points than other states to get the invitation.

Northern Territory: NT has a plan to issue more invitations under 489 stream.

Queensland: presently remains closed and will re-open after July 2018

South Australia: the requirements in SA are complex and there is a frequent policy change here. Many 489 nominations are likely to be issued compared to 190 nominations.

Tasmania: Presently, there is a balance in sponsoring 489 and 190 applicants at the moment. The requirements in occupation, residence and study are favorable to the applicants.

Victoria: it issued many 190 nomination invitations but has suspended operations until July 2018. Less 489 nominations issued so far.

Western Australia: This state has not issued nominations for 190 or 489 visa.


The point scores to get the invitations to apply for a visa are very high presently. Moreover there is no suggestion that they will reduce after 1 July 2018. The candidates need to be well prepared in this scenario.

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