Quebec Introduces New And Improved Features In Skilled Worker Program

01 Jul 2019

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The authorities have made many improvements to the New Quebec Skilled Worker Program. There will be a new employer portal allowing the employers to be in direct communication and also send job offers.

Quebec has started the New Quebec Skilled Worker Program officially. Moreover, it has three major changes in the Process of Expression of Interest. Therefore, the provincial immigration ministry will send the first invitations by using the Arrima Portal.

The Government had run into a controversy after it cancelled 16.000 pending applications. 

As per the minister of Coalition Avenir Quebec, the new system will help to meet the needs of the labor market.  Immigration was a priority for responding to the requirements of business sector and also the various regions. While the minister did not declare the accurate date, the invitations are about to happen. Jolin- Barette, the minister, also expressed satisfaction about Quebec becoming modernized. There were long sessions of hearing and listening to the diverse needs of the regions and the economic sector.

Quebec launched the new system to send invitations in Sep 2018. Though, till this date, it has not issued any invitations where there are 100,000 profiles.

These candidates will receive the initial invitations using the Arrima portal and there will be a priority to the applicants of the former system residing in Quebec. Moreover, the applicants need to create an Arrima portal profile for migration to Quebec.

The provincial Immigration Ministry, will focus to process such applications of candidates who can integrate in Quebec and meet requirements of the labor market.

New Rules of Quebec Skilled Worker Program

New Expression of Interest process:

The first stage in the EOI process is the applicant submitting the online Expression of Interest profile to the MIDI in Quebec

All registered profiles will stay in the EOI pool. There will be a rank for the profiles based on the information they provide at the time of creating the application. All profiles are valid for one year.

As per the rules, all profiles are assembled in two categories. The first group has profiles of applicants who presently live in Quebec, or hold it’s Valid Job-Offer. Additionally in the second group there are candidates who do not reside in the province of Quebec but qualify for the specified criteria. Such candidates who have a top ranking will get an Invitation to Apply.

Additional details

These candidates can apply to seek the Quebec Certificate of Selection. The procedure happens in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. The authorities hold the periodic draws, and issue the invitation to apply to the candidates to get the Quebec certificate of selection.  After receiving the invitations, they have 60 days to submit the completed application. This change helps in the quick processing of the submitted applications. Moreover, it provides a good start to the Quebec Skilled Worker immigration system.

In case the nomination certificate is approved candidates can submit an application for Canadian permanent residence. The new system is improved. Similar to the Express Entry system, it has six months as the processing time for applications. As per a statement of MIDI, based on the changes in labor market and the situation in the regions, there will be changes in the invitation criteria.

Advantages of the New Employer Portal

The minister expressed the details regarding developing Employer Portal which will be introduced in the future. The portal will be launched in Feb 2020.

It has an advantage that the employers can analyze the registered profile of a candidate directly with a provision to also communicate with them. This will help the employers to make a direct job offer to the applicants and also reduce the arrival time of the candidates in the province.

These changes in the Expression of Interest are effective from June 26th, 2019. Important changes on the New Expression of Interest system

The existing profiles will be valid in the system for a further period of six months

This is an immense opportunity for the registered candidates with a profile submitted in Sep 2018 to get the chance of receiving an Invitation to apply after the beginning of regular draws.  All the candidates can prepare and submit their applications after receiving the Invitation to Apply and also avoid any delay.

Refused profiles will remain in EOI

In some cases, some applications will be refused after they apply on receiving the ITA. In such cases, the profiles will remain in the Quebec EOI Bank for the duration till the expiry of the validity period.

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