Quebec Offers A Fast Immigration Pathway To Canada For Global Students

25 Jan 2018


The Government in Québec has the policy to encourage overseas workers of Quebec and global students who complete the program of post-secondary academics in the province, to remain permanently in it by using the Québec Experience Program (PEQ).

PEQ is a simple and fast-track process which leads to getting the permanent residence status for these two categories. The program permits international students and temporary foreign workers to submit an application for seeking permanent residence status from within Québec when they complete approved studies or tenure of qualified workers.

The Graduate Studies Stream of the program facilitates qualified international students, who are on a valid study permit, to submit a PR application when they successfully complete approved full-time studies covering an eligible study program in Quebec.

All Applications submitted in this stream get a priority status and are concluded in less than a year.

Global students, who need required finances and want to meet other qualifications, must initially get admission to an eligible study program and also need to obtain a study permit for pursuing studies in Canada.

Conditions for qualifying in the Graduate Quebec Studies Stream in the Quebec PEQ program are:

Completion of one of the following eligible diplomas

You must have resided temporarily Québec for at least half of the study program on a study permit and have respected the conditions of your stay.

  • Bachelor Degree (University Undergraduate);
  • Master’s Degree, Doctorate;
  • DEC – diploma of college studies, technical training;
  • DEP – diploma of vocational studies) attesting to 1800 hours of study or more;

  • DEP followed by ASP – attestation of vocational specialization) attesting to a minimum of 1800 hours of continuing education and leading to a particular trade

Knowledge of advanced intermediate oral French

There are four options (only 1 required) in order to meet the French language requirement.

  •  If you pursue studies in one of the eligible diploma programs listed above, completely in French, this confirms your knowledge of the required French language level; Or
  • Providing an attestation of results of a French test or diploma recognized by the authorities that demonstrates B2 (intermediate) French in oral comprehension and production; Or
  • Providing a final transcript attesting to the successful completion of an advanced intermediate level French course taken in Québec, in a recognized educational institution included on the list of French courses eligible under the PEQ; Or
  • Providing a regular licence to practise from a professional order in Québec or an attestation of the fulfilment of the language requirements of a professional order in Québec or an attestation of successful completion of an examination administered by the Office québécois de la langue française for the purposes of obtaining a regular license to practice.


The candidates must be aged 18 years, and have a valid passport and, when they submit an application from within Canada; they must be a legal resident of Québec.

The time to submit an application

Please submit your application six months prior to the date you wish to receive attestation of successful completion/diploma. Moreover, it should not be later than 36 months subsequent to the receipt of a diploma.

Financial Requirements

For pursuing studies in the province, an evidence of unencumbered obtainable funds is needed for covering expenses related to tuition and living.

The proof of funding can be given with:

  • Bank statements for six months demonstrating sufficient funds supporting the studies and also a proof of paying tuition and housing fees;
  • Bank statements from a relative demonstrating adequate funds supporting the studies and a financial support confirming letter from the relative;
  • Proof of funding from within Canada, when a scholarship is given in an educational program funded in Canada.

The estimate of Tuition is $15,000 annually. The amount varies depending on institutions/study programs.

Persons coming to

Amount of funds


required per year (in addition to the tuition)

Yourself (1)


With a family member older than 18 (2)


With a family member under 18 (2)


Any additional family member older than 18


Any additional family member under 18



The Quebec Experience Program eligibility stands withdrawn if:

The candidate holds a bursary stipulating return to native country unless that condition is already fulfilled;

The candidate starts a new study program in the province.


To find out if you are eligible to Immigrate to Canada permanently, fill out a free evaluation form or contact us at or call us 7207111222. One of our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries.


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