Year-end Review Of The Canadian Visa Immigration System - 2013

30 Dec 2013

Immigration News

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has applied many new changes to its Visa programs in the year 2013. So, let us take a look at the new rules, programs and changes applied to the Immigration & Visa programs of Canada.

  • Started accepting applications under the new Federal Skilled Trades Program on 2nd January
  • Canada’s Overseas Orientation Program celebrated 20,000 Graduates on 12th February
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) presented the first IQN (International Qualifications Network) Awards to 14 Canadian innovators of foreign credential recognition programs and projects on 13th March
  • Canada Open for Business to Start-Up Entrepreneurs with the commencement of new Start-Up Visa (SUV) Program on 1st April
  • Minister Kenney unveiled a revamped ‘Welcome to Canada Guide’ and new ‘Living in Canada’ Online tool on 2nd April
  • List of Priority Occupations and Organizations who are assigned to conduct Educational Credential Assessments for FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) Program released on 18th April
  • The PAFSO (Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers) complained that immigration staff at embassies and consulates were paid less than their counterparts in Canada and started job action in April and a series of one-day strikes in June 2013 which has continued till the end of October 2013. During this period, many Visa application processes came to a stand-still, especially the student Visas. The actions took place at Canadian Visa Centres around the world particularly in India, China, Mexico and the Philippines.
  • Minister Kenney announced funding for the integration of newcomers through HIPPY Program on 1st May
  • Canada’s new and improved FSW Program opened to applicants on 3rd May
  • Minister Kenney promotes Canada’s new Start-Up Visa in Silicon Valley on 21st May
  • Canada improvised the Citizenship Application Process on 3rd June
  • Canada launched next generation Open Data Portal on 18th June. The portal provides unprecedented access to government data and information
  • ‘Discover Canada’ citizenship test guide made available as an audio eBook on 28th June
  • Canadians can now avail a secure and convenient 10-Year ePassport, announced Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney on 2nd July
  • First immigrants under the new Federal Skilled Trades Program arrive in Canada on 16th August
  • British Columbia launched a new website for its Provincial Nominee Program on 10th October
  • Federal Government helps immigrants to Calgary in acquiring Job-ready language skills from 18th October
  • A new Business Incubator stream under the SUV Program started accepting applications from 26th October
  • To attract top quality candidates, Canada improvised the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) on 8th November
  • Saskatchewan published a 5-page list of occupations and effective 2nd December, Saskatchewan ISW (International Skilled Worker) Program even if they do not hold a job offer. However, only 250 applications will be accepted for the year 2014.
  • Effective 9th December, 2013, CIC is going forward with the revised Fee structure for Indians. The new fee structure is applicable to all Temporary Resident Visas to Canada including Visit Visas, Work Permits, Study Permits and Returning Canadian Permanent Residents.
  • The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has undergone a few changes recently, and the program now has 3 new immigration categories - Saskatchewan Experience, International Skilled Worker and Entrepreneur and Farm Categories.


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