Severe Shortages Seen In The Canadian Labor Market In 2018

18 May 2018


Job Opportunities in Canada

By the end of Quarter 4 in 2017, the job vacancies in Canada reached the figure of 399,000 jobs in the private sector. As per the report of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business this high figure has a cause in the absence of skilled workers who are needed in a fast growing economy. Presently, this number, of vacant jobs in the private sector, is a record in Canada.

Moreover there is a ratio which highlights the increase in vacancies, and the rate of job vacancy. It is a proportion of unfilled jobs corresponding to all jobs in the private sector. This increased from 2.4 percent to 3 percent between Quarter 4 of 2016 and Quarter 4 of 2017.

Efforts for solution Like Canada Express Entry System , Global Talent Stream

Canada is making an attempt to find an answer by using immigration. It stresses on work permit pilot of the Global Talent Stream. This features two-week visa processing for the top demand skilled workers. The government immigration levels plan, to increase economic newcomers to 196,000 per year, in the next two years, shows that there is a policy, to tackle the shortage in labor market. Presently, the Express Entry System is working at full speed. It selects and invites 3,500 candidates every fortnight, to apply and seek PR in Canada.

There are own programs of individual provinces like the Tech Pilot of British Columbia. It gives a priority to skilled workers to overcome the shortage in labor market. Moreover, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot followed by Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island provinces aims to welcome 2,000 immigrants annually. The jobs are ready for these professionals.

Canada’s Economic Immigration Levels Plan

  • 2018 -177,500
  • 2019 - 191,600 and
  • 2020- 195,800

In British Columbia roughly one in 25 jobs is vacant. The reason is the lack of enough skilled workers to meet the demands of employers in a fast and expanding economy. The data also shows that the country lacks enough workers for most of the jobs available.

As per the report, these were the industry sectors which had the highest increase in vacancies in Quarter 4 in 2017 were in Personal services, Information, Arts, recreation followed by Retail.

The highest vacancies in Canada were in British Columbia and Quebec provinces. A reason for 1.1 million people remaining unemployed presently in Canada is the mismatching of skills. This is an observation between the demands of the labor force and the types of jobs that are available.

The scenario

Small businesses are defenseless in the present climate. Additionally, there is a bright side because the continued shortage of workers leads to better wages.

One more reason for labor shortage is no interest among the candidates to shift from one region to another, for doing jobs. Better labor mobility, will help the shortage issue directly. The Statistics also show that migration between provinces has drastically decreased by 50 percent since 1970.  Many employers are looking to the foreign market to recruit top international talent.

Furthermore, the need for national certification for skilled trades, and licensed professionals, has added to worries.  A uniform certification and standards system, in all provinces, will help in the freedom of mobility. This is a hall mark of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms also.  Today, there is a great need to carry out some structural changes and meet these inefficiencies of labor markets.

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