Canada - Smart Methods For Hiring Skilled Workers Under Global Talent Stream

19 Mar 2018


Ground-breaking businesses spread across Canada can access to the bright skilled workers using the Global Talent Stream.

This is a pilot program that requires a process of standard ten working days only and is aimed at providing time-bound, responsive and focused service to the employers through referrals and hiring for a post which is included in the Global Talent Occupations List

The GTS is a part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and has two broad categories:

Category A: it is meant for employers who are referred by a designated organization

Category B: it is meant for employers who seek to hire skilled workers using the new Global Talent Occupations List

Employers who are on the lookout for hiring under the program need to identify at the time of qualifying for Category A or Category B prior to having a Labour Market Benefit Plan. It must reveal how such hiring will have a permanent and positive impact on the labor market of Canada.

The Key Elements of hiring, under the Global Talent Stream, (Quebec included) are as under:

  • Major Elements of the New Global Talent Stream:
  • Two-week processing standard for work permit applications (as also visa applications when they are applicable) for top skilled talent
  • Providing a Dedicated service to companies who want to make important investments in creating jobs in Canada
  • The work permit requirement for short-term top skilled work (30 days or less in a year), and in case of short academic stay is not mandatory,

Companies which intend to apply for workers using the Global Talent Stream will get access to the new application process which provides:

  • A service focused on Clients which guides eligible employers in the application process, and for developing the Labour Market Benefit Plan, within ten business days.
  • The workers are eligible to have the processing of work permit applications within ten business days.

Requirements of Global Talent Stream:

Category A: List of Designated Partners of ESDC on September 12th, 2017

Under Global Talent A Category, all employers must be referred through one of the following

·       Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

  • BC Tech Association
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Communitech Corporation
  • Council of Canadian Innovators
  • Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
  • Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service
  • ICT Manitoba
  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada – Accelerated Growth Service
  • MaRS Discovery District
  • National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program
  • Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Ontario
  • Ministry of Economic Growth and Development Ontario
  • VENN Innovation

Quebec Designated Partners

The Category A mandates that overseas workers need to possess a special and unique talent for qualifying in a Canada work permit, defined as:

Advance awareness of the industry

Top position with a salary of $80,000 (or more)

EITHER an Advanced degree in a specialized area of interest for the employer OR Minimum experience of five years in the specialized sphere

Category B: GTS Global Talent Occupations List

The norms for Category B of the GTS, employers need to hire top skilled overseas workers for filling up these positions figuring in occupations list:

National Occupations Classification (NOC) code


Minimum wage requirement (annual salary)

Minimum wage requirement (hourly rate)


Computer and information systems managers

prevailing wage

prevailing wage


Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)

prevailing wage

prevailing wage


Information systems analysts and consultants

prevailing wage

prevailing wage


Database analysts and data administrators

prevailing wage

prevailing wage


Software engineers and designers

prevailing wage

prevailing wage


Computer programmers and interactive media developers

prevailing wage

prevailing wage


Web designers and developers

prevailing wage

prevailing wage


Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians

$81,000 or higher prevailing wage

$38.94 or higher prevailing wage


Information systems testing technicians

$78,000 or higher prevailing wage

$37.50 or higher prevailing wage

Sub-set of 5131*

Position requires a minimum of five years of experience in the visual effects, video game or animation industries in one or a combination of the following roles: producer, technical director, creative director, artistic director or project manager, with experience in at least one or more of the following skills relevant to the visual effects, video game or animation industries: surfacing and look development; character or simulation rigging; matte painting; or technical pipeline development and application for visual effects, video games, or animation production.

$75,000 or higher prevailing wage

$36.06 or higher prevailing wage

Sub-set of 5241*

Digital Media and Design

Position requires a minimum of five years of experience in at least one of the following digital media design skills: 3D modeling, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital media animation, levels editing for digital media design, software editing for digital media design, pipeline software development or applications relevant for digital media design.

$80,000 or higher prevailing wage

$38.46 or higher prevailing wage


Processing Fee

$1,000 which has to be paid by the employer and is Non-refundable

Labour Market Benefit Plan is a major requirement for GTS.

It is developed with ESDC, and needs to reveal how employing an overseas worker helps the company to create jobs or transfer the required skills to the people of Canada. It permits the ESDC to keep a track of the progress of the company.

It has a few complimentary and mandatory benefits.

Under Category A, the mandatory benefit is the creation of direct or indirect jobs, for citizens and PRs.

Under Category B, the mandatory benefit is to increase the skills and training investments for citizens and Prs.

The LMBP needs to provide two benefits (complimentary), different from the mandatory benefit. These include:

  • Job creation,
  • Investment in the domain of skills/training,
  • Transfer of knowledge,
  • improved performance of company and
  • Implementing ideal practices/policies for workers.

General Requirements of Global Talent Stream:

Business Legitimacy

Employers need to provide proof that they engage in the business which needs a temporary worker. The business needs to provide goods or services which are relevant to the job offer.

Employers who are new to TFWP need to provide one document as evidence. The documents which are allowed are a business license, legal incorporation forms, and documents pertaining to tax and attested documents.


Employers must seek to employ citizens or permanent residents of Canada prior to hiring overseas workers.


Wages need to be equivalent to the amount paid to Canadians and permanent residents for a similar post.

Job Duties and Working Conditions

Workers are required to only do the job for which they were hired under TFWP. Overseas workers are covered under the same laws like the citizens or permanent residents. There must be no Exploitation of Overseas worker as it is a violation of the Canadian law.

Provincial laws cover Hours of work (including overtime), Compensation, Working conditions and the clauses of employment Termination.

Workplace Safety

Overseas workers need to be covered by Provincial Workplace Safety Insurance where it is required by law. Any plan of private nature must be equal or better than the terms of the provincial plan.

Language Restriction

A job can require either English or French at the time of advertisement. When knowing other languages is essential, it must be justified at the stage of application.

Unionized Positions

When the foreign worker is hired for a post that is covered by the union, he/she must be treated and covered by that union, in wages and terms and conditions similar to the Canadian citizen or PR.

Employer Compliance

Employers need to comply with all requirements of the TFWP.

Employers in Quebec

As on September 11th, 2017, employers of Quebec can also take advantage of the GTS.

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